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Instagram Live Series by luxury baijiu distributor Cheng International #AtHomeWithFenjiu & #AtHomeWithWuliangye

Phillips-Hill organised and publicised Instagram Live tasting sessions with drinks expert, Neil Phillips, as part of Cheng International’s social media project, designed to educate people on the famous baijiu spirit. The tastings achieved great visibility, increased interest by UK trade and consumers, and grew followings for both the Fenjiu and Wuliangye brands of baijiu. 

April 2020

Qiqi Chen, Managing Director of Cheng International, said “We are really excited to share this new online series taking people on a journey of the wonderful, but relatively unknown, world of baijiu. In China, baijiu is very much part of everyone’s lives and we want to share its uniqueness and versatility in cocktails and with food with the rest of the world. Fenjiu baijiu is so much more than a drink, it adds elegance and luxury to your life and helps create priceless memories.”

Baijiu is a grain-based Chinese distilled spirit which has 12 different styles grouped by aroma. The oldest baijiu, with over 6000 years history, is Fenjiu, a light aroma baijiu, from Fenyang City in the Shanxi Province of Northern China. Wuliangye is a strong aroma baijiu, which was first created during the Ming Dynasty and comes from the Sichuan province of South West China.

Both are highly prized and luxurious spirits which are now gaining popularity and can be purchased in Harrods, Selfridges, and top London hotels, bars and restaurants including The Stratford Hotel and The Ivy Asia.


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