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Your opportunity to join Baijiu masterclasses this month


Baijiu is a white spirit from China, and, with an annual production of more than whisky, gin and vodka put together, baijiu is worth 54% of the global spirits market.

Baijiu is still relatively unknown outside of China, but that is beginning to change, and baijiu is tipped to become a significant spirits category in the UK as spirits drinkers and cocktail lovers seek new, adventurous experiences.

Specialist premium baijiu importer and distributor in the UK, Cheng International, is launching a four-part online masterclass series on baijiu for people involved in the UK drinks trade, to learn what baijiu is, how it is made and how it can complement the ranges of premium spirits retailers and on-trade operators.

The first masterclass, on Monday 13th July at 3pm is free of charge to join. This masterclass will be an introduction to baijiu, covering the Chinese historical context of baijiu, where and how it is made, and the different styles available. You are invited to join free of charge to gain knowledge of this fascinating drinks category,

To reserve a place please go to the following link:


The next two masterclasses will involve a tutored tasting of two of China’s most famous premium baijiu examples:

Monday 20th July at 3pm: Fenjiu light aroma baijiu. This is China’s oldest baijiu “brand”, with 6,000 years of history and from the Shanxi province in northern China. Made using only organic sorghum and pure spring water, it is an iconic example of super-premium baijiu. In the UK the retail price for 500ml is £60-£160 across the range.

Monday 27th July at 3pm: Wuliangye strong aroma baijiu. This exceptional baijiu was first created during the Ming dynasty (early 1300’s) and has the oldest distilling cellars in China. Wuliangye has been declared a “National Intangible Cultural Heritage” in China. In the UK the retail price for Wuliangye for 500ml is £55 to £285 across the range.

If you would like to join either or both of the two tutored tasting sessions above, please book your place and purchase the samples in advance for home delivery, with the option of 3 x 20ml samples for £25, and 5 x 20ml samples for £35. This can all be done via the reservations link:  For each order of samples, Cheng International will donate £5 to The Drinks Trust charity.


The fourth baijiu masterclass in the series on 3rd August will be free of charge and will cover how to serve baijiu, and baijiu cocktail making.

Full details can be found for all the masterclasses on


Additional Consumer Sessions

In addition to the four-part series on Mondays specifically for the UK drinks trade, Cheng International are running four baijiu lifestyle sessions for consumers on Saturdays 18th and 25th July, and 1st and 8th August at 3pm, focusing on baijiu cocktails presented by Enrico Gonzato of the Mezzanine Bar at The Stratford Hotel, and baijiu truffle making. Members of the UK drinks trade are, of course, welcome to join these sessions also.


Summary of all the Cheng International Baijiu Masterclasses:


Monday 13th July 3pm: Introduction to baijiu – Free of charge to attend

Monday 20th July 3pm: Fenjiu baijiu with tutored tasting – participants to order samples at £25 or £35

Monday 27th July 3pm: Wuliangye baijiu with tutored tasting – participants to order samples at £25 or £35

Monday 3rd Aug 3pm: Baijiu culture – how to serve baijiu at the table, matched with food and in cocktails – Free of charge to attend.



Saturday 18th July 3pm: Baijiu cocktails introduction

Saturday 25th July 3pm: Fenjiu light aroma baijiu cocktails

Saturday 1st August 3pm: Wuliangye strong aroma baijiu cocktails

Saturday 8th August 3pm: Fenjiu light aroma baijiu chocolate truffle making


Full details can be found on


Please contact Louise at Phillips-Hill with any questions


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