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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 with premium baijiu brand, Fenjiu

Imported by Cheng International – available at drinks merchants, department stores, on-line retailers, bars and restaurants

Featured in major national drinks and lifestyle media

12th February 2021 is Chinese New Year, marking the beginning of the Year of the Ox.

Celebrate with Fenjiu, one of the finest examples of China’s national drink, baijiu.


Fenjiu is a “light aroma” baijiu and considered to be one of the finest examples of the spirit.

Light aroma is one of the three main categories of baijiu, with the other two being strong aroma and sauce aroma. Light aroma baijiu is known for its fragrant and delicate style.

Fenjiu is imported into the UK by Cheng International and can now be bought in the UK from a range of high quality drinks merchants, department stores, on-line retailers and in some premium bars and restaurants:

The Oxford Wine Company 


Harvey Nichols – Designer Fashion, Beauty, Food & Wine


Harrods UK

Also available from Fortnum & Mason, and from Selfridges in store



Now you can make your own Fenjiu Chinese New Year cocktail at home. Here’s how:

  • Fenjiu Chinese New Year Martini
  • 20ml Fenjiu
  • 50ml Vodka
  • 20ml Dry vermouth infused with fresh ginger and green tea
  • 2 drops of orange bitter


  • Stir the ingredients together and strain into a coupette glass
  • Garnish with lemon zest


Fenjiu comes from Xinghua Village in the North Western Shanxi Province of China, where it has been made for 6,000 years. It is the oldest baijiu in existence. Fenjiu has enormous significance in China and is even featured in one of China’s most well-known poems, studied by all Chinese literature students. Written by the Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet Du Mu, the poem describes a shepherd boy sitting on an ox pointing towards Xinghua Village where refreshment can be found.

Fenjiu is still made according to the original recipe using organic sorghum and pure spring water, and by traditional methods, albeit now with the aid of the latest technology. This includes double fermentation and double distillation, ensuring the highest level of purity and flavour.

Baijiu is honoured as “China’s Fifth Invention” and has huge cultural importance in China. It is a unique and distinctive cultural symbol, just like silk, tea, ceramics, martial arts and calligraphy. There are around 6,000 certified baijiu distilleries across China, producing approximately 8 billion litres per year – more than the global annual production of whisky, gin and vodka put together. 99% of baijiu is consumed in China, although exports are growing in markets including the UK.


Fenjiu Qing Hua 30 Year Old 48% (Blue Flower) RRP £150

Fenjiu Qing Hua 30 Year Old 53% (Blue Flower) RRP £160

Fenjiu Qing Hua 20 Year Old 42% (Blue Flower) RRP £90

Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Year Old 53% RRP £70

Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Year Old 45% RRP £65

Fenjiu Xin Li He Fen non-aged 48% RRP £33

Fenjiu Zhu Ye Qing Jiu 30 Year Old 45% (Bamboo) RRP £145

Fenjiu Zhu Ye Qing Jiu 10 Year Old 38% (Bamboo) RRP £70

Fenjiu Zhu Ye Qing Jiu 5 Year Old 38% (Bamboo) RRP £60

Fenjiu Xin Li He Zhu non-aged 45% (Bamboo) RRP £30



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